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Nashville Drummers Podcast - The History of Drum Supply

Andy Foote: The History of Drum Supply | Starting a Business, Entrepreneurship, Drum Supply Rehearsal, the Future of Drum Shops, & the Latest Gear Trends


Drum Supply has been serving the needs of drummers in Nashville and around the world since 1995, but few know the rich history of the shop and its founder, Andy Foote. We were thrilled to go one-on-one with Andy in this exclusive behind-the-scenes interview LIVE from the shop in East Nashville. Andy shares his story of a young, inquisitive drummer growing up in Jackson, TN who quickly found himself at the forefront of the drum-building industry. Andy’s entrepreneurial mindset and nimble teenage spirit would soon lead to the opening of his own business as one of the very first e-commerce brands on the market. Andy walks us through the early years of the shop, the eventual relocation to Nashville, the challenges of growing a business and managing people, and the current and future state of local drum shops. We hope you enjoy!

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