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BD Spurs - Deluxe Pearl type Pair BLACK

SKU 5224bk
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These BD spurs are finally available in a black color to match your other Black plated hardware. Photo may show brass but, they ship in Black. Mounts with 3 holes in a triangle pattern. Heavy duty style used on some Pearl brand drums. This model's left and right spurs are interchangable with each other( both sides are the exact same part). This model simply has a larger tip ( foot) than our similar economy model. Look at model 5225 for smaller 16 and 18 inch kick drums. NOTICE: It is very common in our industry for black drum parts to have a wide range of color variation from part to part. Example: Hoops and tube lugs may be lighter black-chrome, where rods,lugs and other parts may be a darker solid black. Please contact us before ordering if you have questions about this.
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