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Black Brass Shell Undrilled - 7 x 13

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This shell size currently not available PRE drilled for lugs. Please call us for a custom quote for any work of this type. New snare drum shell made from solid 1.2mm brass, with a black nickel chrome finish inside and out. They make a bright, powerful drum with tons of projection and a nice musical ring. They are the same shells used to make the award winning Black Hawg snare drums.These shells DO have the raised bead on the outside center. So be sure to plan lugs that have a cut out for this use - (like our 5010ct lug for example) or Tube Lugs. Also consider this when choosing your Strainer and Butt Plate. Take a look at our models -p85, 5729, 5729br, 5729bk, 5020, 5030, 5765 , 5765b Shells come with edges and snare bed already installed for you but are NOT drilled. They drill out with bits made for metal work. ( we offer layout/drilling services for an extra fee). NO FINISHING REQUIRED! So assembly is quick and easy. Simply choose your lugs, strainer/butt, hoops etc... drill and assemble. NOTICE: It is very common in our industry for black drum parts to have a wide range of color variation from part to part. Example: Hoops and tube lugs may be lighter black-chrome, where rods,lugs and other parts may be a darker solid black. Please contact us before ordering if you have questions about this.
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