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Chrome over Steel Shell Drilled 10 lug - 5 x 14

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This is a new snare drum shell. Made from solid 1.2mm stainless steel, with a chrome finish inside and out. They make a bright, powerful drum with tons of projection and a musical ring. These shells DO have the raised bead on the outside center. So be sure to plan lugs that have a cut out for this use - (like our 5010ct lug for example) or Tube Lugs. Also consider this when choosing your Strainer and Butt Plate. Take a look at our models -p85, 5729, 5729br, 5729bk, 5020, 5030, 5765 , 5765b Shells come with edges and snare bed already installed for you. They are drilled out for the tube lugs we sell. NO holes drilled for Strainer/Butt. This is available as an added option.Drilled for 10 of our tb2316 tube lugs. NO FINISHING REQUIRED! So assembly is quick and easy. Simply choose your lugs, strainer/butt, hoops etc... drill and assemble. NOTICE: It is very common in our industry for black drum parts to have a wide range of color variation from part to part. Example: Hoops and tube lugs may be lighter black-chrome, where rods,lugs and other parts may be a darker solid black. Please contact us before ordering if you have questions about this.
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