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DIY Snare Kit - 5x14 Raw 8ply Maple 38pc YOU Drill It

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$228.22 - $228.22
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This is a complete Ready to DRILL 38 piece Do It Yourself snare drum kit. Just finish the raw maple shell (we offer wood dyes, spray can lacquer or quarter sheets of drum wrap - sold separately). Then drill for parts, assemble, tune, and play!Added up separately from our discounted website prices alll this would be over $250. THis kit will include a raw shell ready for YOU to drill.INCLUDES: 5 x 14 8ply shell complete with custom crafted 45 degree bearing edges, snare bed, undrilled shell ready for you to drill out for all included parts.Pro brand top/bottom heads. 2.3 chrome triple flanged 8 hole hoops. Strainer and butt plate. Deluxe lugs. 14 inch snare wires with powerflex straps. 16 Tension rods. Air vent grommet. NOTE : Parts may vary from photo based on availability.Brass hardware? A different lug or strainer? Pre-Wrapped in your choice? JUST ASK US about customizing a DIY KIT to exactly what youd like.
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