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INDE Strainer + Butt COMBO - CHROME

by Inde
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$64.00 - $64.00
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Strainer Set

Finally! An elegant replacement for the Ludwig P-85. But, also a great choice for a new build or upgrade for your snare drum.Smooth, light, simple and reliable. Everything a strainer should be, nothing it shouldn't. The strainer is equipped with slotted mounting holes adapt from 1" to 2.5" hole spacings, with clearance for a center bead. The Snare butt is included, with 12mm vertical hole spacing. These are great for builders or as an upgrade to your existing snare. Excellent design, finish, and quality. NOTE - We have seen Ludwigs driling to be inconsitent in placement, if they happened to drill for your P85 too high, you could have trouble fitting to your shell.
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