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Lug- Vintage Tube SN 3 1/ 2 in LONG - SATIN w/ screws

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This lug is reccomended for snare shells no shorter than 6.5 inches in depth. High quality double ended drum lug. Our tube lugs DO INCLUDE the standard mounting screws for common maple shells. If you need longer for extra thick shells , Please see the longer options listed on our website, or contact us with your shell thickness details for help.. If you need special cup washer screws for a thin metal shell look at item 5013ct. These lugs can vary from center to center 3.5 inches to 3 9/16 inches. This lug is made from solid brass and then plated. NOTE: Like most machined lugs, this lug does not have a swivel insert to flexable tension rod alignment. Care must be practiced when inserting and threading tension rods into these lugs. Never force things. These lugs are a good choice for shells at leat 6.5 inches deep.
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