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Pro Tuning - 100pk COLOR Shoulder Sleeve Washers for Tension Rod

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Sleeved Washers, the cheapest thing you can do for an instant upgrade to any of your drums. These plastic washers and collars slip over the tension rods to eliminate 100% metal-on-metal contact, but because of the design that slides into the lug housing (as opposed to just having a flat plastic washer), they do a better job providing tuning stability. If you like to tune your heads on the low side, these will make a noticeable improvement for eliminating any rod rattle. Customers also report these to aid holding tuning. Choose your CUSTOM COLOR. 100 pc minimum. Let us know your choice of color.NOTE: These are the washers only, Tension Rods are available separately. The CUSTOM colors may not be a stock item and require a bit more time than the listed stock colors.
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