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Snare wires - FAT CAT - 13 in 24 Strand Dual Adjustable

by Fat Cat
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Quality snare wire for the bottom of a snare drum.The center section of wires on these cool snares, are separately adjustable for tension. This feature allow some wires to be tighter than others resulting in a very even snare response over very soft to hard hits.The Fat Cat wire are a shop favorite. They use the same traditional "snappy" snare wires that we have come to know and love over the years - but in an innovative manner. The center strands have a little screw that will allow slight tension adjustment independent of the drum's strainer system. So when set up properly the outer wires are a bit tighter than the inner ones. The end effect is that of having a drum with dual strainers and wire - one set looser, one set tighter - what is this good for? It give you a nice, even snare response on ALL dynamic levels of playing. the looser wires respond to softer hits, and the tighter ones kick in on the harder hits. Makes for a really nice and responsive snare drum. Studio engineers will rave over these Fat Cats. - ANDY
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