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Snare wires - PURESOUND 13 in SUPER 30 strand - copper

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Utilizing the same specially-formulated steel-alloy wires, handcrafted construction methods and exclusive copper end clips as the rest of the popular Puresound line, the new 30-strand version is designed to meet the demands of leading professional drummers and is the widest set of wires ever offered by the snare wire specialist.Often the wider you go, the less sensitivity you get. Because of the higher quality of materials and manufacturing we use- as well as way the wires are precisely spaced and mounted on our copper end clips- our 30-strand Super wires are able to create the distinctive, penetrating sound of conventional wires with 40 or more strands without choking the drum or sacrificing its feel. Also, although an extended snare bed is essential to complement any set of extra-wide wires, another advantage of Puresound’s S-1430 is that it needs only a slightly wider than normal (3 to 3.5 inch) snare bed for optimum performance.
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