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Strainer - TRICK Chrome MULTI W/ Butt Plate

by Trick
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$89.88 - $89.88
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NOTE - this model DOES have a few small black parts, as do all Trick strainers.All Trick strainers from DrumMaker are now the cool multi-step model with a series of stops along the throw off path, allowing for more versatile options for the creative player.Unlike most of our other strainers, this one DOES INCLUDE standard mounting screws and the butt plate (aluminum)! Trick's GS007 is the most advanced throw-off mechanism available today. The GS007 is the brainchild of Trick's chief engineer Bob Szwaya and manufacturing specialist George Szwaya. The GS007 is manufactured in total from solid machined metal parts consisting of billet aluminum, stainless steel and hardened steel. Using Trick's patent pending, cam operated, helical groove design, the GS007 provides the user with the smoothest, quietest, most durable and road worthy throw-off ever made. The GS007 employs close-tolerance CNC machined components suspended in a special synthetic lubricant which gives the GS007 its effortless fluid movement. The GS007 throws-off radially as opposed to vertically which provides the user with far more adjustability. In an effort to increase resonance and reduce the amount of material touching the shell, the GS007 contacts the shell via two very thin rails which keeps the remainder of the body elevated. They have employed the same philosophy to their butt end too, notice the machined-out center section for reduced material contact Please let us know if you need to longer screws for use with an extra thick shell, otherwise we will send the regular length that should work with a shell as thick as 1/2 inch. This strainer will fit on a shell as small as 4.5 inches in depth. NOTE: this strainer will fit the same hole spacing as the NIckel Strainers. Included Butt Plate center to center measure is 25mm. LOWEST PRICE ALLOWED by the maker - you will not find it for less. Uses 10-32 in mounting screws.
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