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TightScrew Locking Tension Rod - CHROME 4 1/4 in / 110mm

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Tension rods that go through the drum hoop into the drum lug for tuning your drum. These new TightScrew tension rods have a small milled groove with a pressed in nylon insert. That technology eliminates loosening or de-tuning of the drum under all playing conditions.TightScrews will fit most American and Japanese drums. They will fit DW drums with 12-24 thread (prior to the 5mm (metric) tension rods supplied after 1994. We recommend using TightScrews on all lugs on a rim that has loosening problems. That method will enable you to have equal tuning tension and 'feel' while prolong the life of your heads. However, if you are having problems with only a few screws on a given drum, or budget is an issue,try just replacing just the problematic rods. Remember, they will 'feel'different from the factory rods when you are tensioning them.You willstill need to constantly re-tension the conventional rods if you are aheavy player.The holding properties of the nylon insert in the rod will diminish in proportion to the frequency of removal. Most players will not have to replace the rods, unless they use a screw gun, or change heads frequently.TightScrews look identical to the Chromed steel factory tension rods on your kit. NOTE: Our tension rod lengths are measure is stated from under the head down to the end of the threaded tip, NOT the full overall end to end length..Our rods DO include the metal flat washers. These are sometimes loose, but often captured to the rod for convenience. If you have a specific need for your washers, please call us for direct help. All our tension rods have the modern day standard thread of 12-24 and are sold as a single tension rod, not a pack or many.
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