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Wood Dye Pack Water / Alcohol soluble a - 6 Primary colors concentrate

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SAVE by buying this kit of 6 primary dye colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, & Black. Cool new TransTint concentrated liquid stains that easily mix with water or alcohol to make an easy to work with wood stain. These colors can be mixed to make your own custom shades! Coverage can vary greatly depending on how its mixed and other factors, but, in general, 2-3 bottles should be enough for a 4-5 shells. Again, this can vary greatly. This is a general guide only.. Simply stain your shell then you're ready for you're chosen clear coat finish.(Try our New spray Lacquer!) These items are included in this pack - dy01tt dy02tt dy03tt dy04tt dy05tt dy06ttNOTE: This item can not be shipped by air or outside the USA
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