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DrumMaker Layout & Drilling

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#1: "Basic Layout" Center Lines Only - You Final Mark & Drill

DrumMaker Custom Bearing layout
  • Simple Center Lines marked for INLINE lugs
  • Simple Center Line marked for one air vent
  • Snare Drums: Center Lines for strainer/butt
  • Bass Drums: Center Line for one of pair spurs
  • Floor Toms: Center Lines for three leg mounts
  • Toms: Center Lines for mount, if needed

Basic layout for standard parts on a wood drum. SIMPLE CENTER LINES MARKED ONLY. NO DRILLING INCLUDED. You can place the final marks your chosen parts and drill from there. Save $$$ by doing most of the work yourself.

Please give us notes of any needed details about your project in the order comments box during checkout.

Shells & parts are NOT included in this cost. Layout for OFFSET lugs and extra air vents is available for an additional cost. We can also work with YOUR SUPPLIED parts by request for an additional cost.