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TAPE : Killer Red Hi-Bond WRAP Tape - 1.25 in wide x 108 ft long Full Roll

by Delmar
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Our famous nasty strong wrap tape!Pros will generally use our contact cement glue, but this tape make an easier job for first time builders and international shipments, where the flamable glue can not be shipped by air.This is a clear, super thin double sided tape with a peel off red liner on one side. 1.25 inch wide x 108 feet (1296 inches) long with an extra strong hold that actually gets stronger as it sets up . Used to adhere drum covering material to the drum shell. Most pro builder's continue to use standard contact cement (3M-30f that we also suppply) for this job - BUT this tape makes the job MUCH easier for the first time builder or those to may wish to remove the covering down the road.Simply place strips on the covering material on the top and bottom edges ( also the middle on larger shells) and on the overlapping seam... peel off the backing liner, line things up and press onto drumshell. Unlike the contact cement method, Tape allows you the ability to remove and reposition if needed. Each large roll has over 100 feet of tape - enough to install covering on about 2-4 standard 5pc drum kits.. not to mention enough left over for many random household uses ; ) NOTE: Tape is not reccomended for acetate based wraps, which are prone to shrinkage. All our standard wraps will be fine, as they are made with PVC. 36 yard = 108 ft = 1,296 inches
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